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Version 0.4.0

  • Optional transparent lazy loading and lazy cascading for supported IOs.
  • Splash screen while loading the application.
  • Open files dialog as an alternative to the “Files” dock.
  • Remotely started plugins can have a graphical progress bar.
  • Remotely started plugins now show text output and errors on internal console.
  • Filters are automatically deactivated on loading a selection if they prevent parts of it to be shown.
  • A modified plugin is automatically saved before it is sent to a remote script.
  • New features for many plugins: correlogram, interspike interval histogram, peri stimulus time histogram, and spike density estimation support selections in addition to units for plot elements. Spike waveform plot can plot single spikes extracted from analog signals using spike trains, optionally together with Spike object waveforms.
  • Python files can be dragged onto the editor to open them.
  • Annotation editor accessible through API.
  • Files can be loaded through API.
  • The Spyke Repository is available and linked in the documentation and the help menu.

Version 0.3.0

  • Added search and replace functionality to plugin editor (access with Ctrl + F and Ctrl + H).
  • Added startup script. Can be modified using File->Edit startup script.
  • Spyke Viewer now has an API for configuration options and access to plugins and the main window. It can be used from the console, plugins or the startup script.
  • Added context menu for navigation. Includes entries for removing objects and an annotation editor.
  • New files are selected in the file view are now loaded in addition to already loaded files. To unload all data, use File->Clear Data.
  • Plugin configurations are now restored when saving or refreshing plugins and when restarting the program. All plugin configurations can be reset to their defaults using Plugins->Restore Plugin configurations.
  • A modified plugin is automatically saved before it is run.
  • Plugin folders return to their previous state (expanded or minimized) when restarting the program.
  • Plugin editor tabs can be reordered by dragging.
  • Code completion in console can be selected using Enter (in addition to Tab as before).
  • Plugins can import modules from the same directory, even if it is not explicitly on the Python path.

Version 0.2.1

  • New features for plugin editor: Calltips, autocompletion and “jump to” (definitions in code or errors displayed in integrated console).
  • Experimental support for IPython console (File->New IPython console). Needs IPython >= 0.12
  • New spectrogram plugin
  • Combined filters for filtering (or sorting) a whole list of objects
  • “Save all data...” menu option
  • Plugins are sorted alphabetically
  • New option in plugin menu: Open containing folder
  • “Delete” key deletes filters
  • Renamed start script from “spyke-viewer” to “spykeviewer”

Version 0.2.0

Initial documented public release.

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