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Version 0.3.0

  • Added search and replace functionality to plugin editor (access with Ctrl + F and Ctrl + H).
  • Added startup script. Can be modified using File->Edit startup script.
  • Spyke Viewer now has an API for configuration options and access to plugins and the main window. It can be used from the console, plugins or the startup script.
  • Added context menu for navigation. Includes entries for removing objects and an annotation editor.
  • New files are selected in the file view are now loaded in addition to already loaded files. To unload all data, use File->Clear Data.
  • Plugin configurations are now restored when saving or refreshing plugins and when restarting the program. All plugin configurations can be reset to their defaults using Plugins->Restore Plugin configurations.
  • A modified plugin is automatically saved before it is run.
  • Plugin folders return to their previous state (expanded or minimized) when restarting the program.
  • Plugin editor tabs can be reordered by dragging.
  • Code completion in console can be selected using Enter (in addition to Tab as before).
  • Plugins can import modules from the same directory, even if it is not explicitly on the Python path

Version 0.2.1

  • New features for plugin editor: Calltips, autocompletion and “jump to” (definitions in code or errors displayed in integrated console).
  • Experimental support for IPython console (File->New IPython console). Needs IPython >= 0.12
  • New spectrogram plugin
  • Combined filters for filtering (or sorting) a whole list of objects
  • “Save all data...” menu option
  • Plugins are sorted alphabetically
  • New option in plugin menu: Open containing folder
  • “Delete” key deletes filters
  • Renamed start script from “spyke-viewer” to “spykeviewer”

Version 0.2.0

Initial documented public release.

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